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Chanelle Lobo

  • Etobicoke, ON
  • (226) 929-0147

Are you done with coping?! Are you done feeling down, depressed or anxious? Are you ready to stop overthinking and start feeling free! Do you have trauma that you've decided maybe you’ll never heal from? Whether you have been in therapy for years alr...

Stacian Watts

  • Toronto, ON
  • 647-797-4601 x

I'm a Registered Psychotherapist with a Masters of Science in Couple and Family Therapy from the University of Guelph. I have 12 years of experience supporting individuals and couples navigating a wide range of personal and relational challenges. ...

Nancy Rose Wambangwa

  • Pickering, ON, ON
  • 289-624-4855

Would you like to gain further self-awareness and internal growth? Are you struggling to overcome overwhelming emotions and thoughts? I trust that with a welcoming and encouraging environment, there is room for healing and goal achievement. I can sup...

Melissa Griffith

  • Barrie, ON
  • 416-573-8344

DSW/CYW, Tutoring and Counselling Therapy SERVICES She is a Practioner of Child and Youth Work and is working towards her Bachelor Business Administration in Health and Psychology. She has been tutoring privately for the past 17 years. Many stude...

Suzette McLarty

  • Toronto, ON
  • 647-365-3113

Our lives and all the intersecting parts can be too much to bear at times. Carrying around trauma, negative self-talk and heavy emotions is exhausting and impacts the mind and body. Having someone actively listen without blame, shame or judgment can ...

Michelle Alveranga

  • Toronto, ON
  • (647) 492-4020

Hey Family, are you a member of the Black community and are struggling with the death of your loved one? Going through a life transition that is leaving you drained, tired or frustrated? I am sorry for your loss. You do not have to suffer. I support ...

Charlene Lekx

  • Torrance, ON
  • (647) 367-5225

Sometimes life can leave you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused, anxious, and frustrated. You want to know how to cope better, but you’re not sure where to begin. You want to share your story in a safe space, and you want to talk to someone who ...

Jamie Sutherland

  • Richmond Hill , ON
  • (647) 355-8555

Jamie Surherland's cultural roots are from St. Vincent and the Grenedines. He is first generation Canadian, who has had the privilege of growing up in the West Indies and Canada. He values the traditions, rules and practices of his rich Black cultur...

Regine Senior-Dunkly

  • Toronto, ON
  • (647) 588-1505

Taking the step to begin therapy is an amazing start! I am passionate about providing support to help navigate your therapeutic journey. I work with individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and issues with self-confidence and self-est...

Annette Ambursley

  • New Tecumseth, ON
  • 647 692 7009

If you are struggling with worry, loss, feeling “stuck”, and would like the assistance of a qualified and experienced therapist to journey with you, then, you’ve found your person! As a Registered Social Worker, I have been collaborating with indivi...

Jacklyn St Laurent

  • Ottawa, ON
  • 343-576-1490

I have been passionate about developing a safe space where people can begin their healing process. My clinical background has been inspired by my ancestors’ history. In my antiracist interventions, I use a holistic and spiritual lens, as well as a re...

Ijaabo Mohamed

  • Toronto, ON
  • 647 446 7801

Ijaabo is a Black Muslim therapist with experience in child and family counselling. Ijaabo prides herself on creating a welcoming therapeutic environment that promotes cultural inclusivity and validation, by listening actively to clients and providin...

McKaylah Nurse

  • Guelph, ON
  • (519) 800-1454

NOTE: Not currently accepting new therapy clients. I work with Black and racialized clients who struggle to accept themselves and be themselves in relationships; those who are stuck and distressed because they have lived a life of molding themselves ...

Divine Muzia

  • Toronto, ON
  • 647-323-7029

Being high-performing is challenging. You face pressure to excel, balance personal life, and may struggle with taking care of your mental health. This can be even harder when you're transitioning out of a professional career that you're passionate ab...

Erin Mensch

  • Toronto, ON
  • 647-578-6379

I'm a Registered Psychotherapist and yoga instructor who is passionate about improving the mental health for folks of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities. As someone born in central Africa and raised in both southern and north...

Chantel Simm

  • Brampton, ON
  • (345) 927-3992

I am a therapist and yoga instructor who helps individuals from a holistic perspective with a combined experience of 7 years using various theoretical models. My current focus incorporates an emphasis on mindfulness and being gentle with ourselves to...

Shakela Austin

  • Burlington, ON
  • (905) 632-6555

My objective is to support, empower and be an aid in the face of life's challenges. I strive to connect empathically with you and learn what it's like to walk in your shoes to facilitate a trusting bond. I focus on working collaboratively with yo...

Princess Vivian Patrick-Okose

  • Mississauga, ON
  • (403) 605-5534

Good day and welcome! As humans, are profoundly impacted by both positive and negative experiences throughout our lives. We develop defences and routines that, while they may have provided security in the past, are now causing us hardship and pain in...

Suzette McLarty

  • Toronto, ON
  • 647-365-3113

Our lives and all the intersecting parts can be too much to bear at times. Carrying around trauma, negative self-talk and heavy emotions is exhausting and impacts the mind and body. Having someone actively listen without blame, shame or judgment can ...

Maurice Ford

  • Toronto, ON
  • 416-967-9432 (X27)

Maurice Ford is currently the principal owner of Action Counselling Services and AM Mediation providing counselling, psychotherapy, mediation and workplace restoration services in the Greater Toronto Area. Master of Science degree specializing in Co...