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Specializes In


Anxiety,Coping Skills,Depression,Emotional Disturbance,Grief,Life Coaching,Racial Identity,Relationship Issues,Self Esteem,Stress,Substance Abuse,Suicidal Ideation,Trauma and PTSD

Age Range

Children (7 to 10),Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13),Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19),Adults



Fee Range

$60 - $100

Counseling Type


Rachelle Casseus


I have a varied background in health care and the performing arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master's in Counselling Psychology. My experience in these fields has enriched my understanding of human interaction as it relates to mental health & wellness, and has allowed me to refine my skills as an active listener, communicator and collaborator. I have a large toolkit of modalities I like to work from but I always ensure that my approach to therapy is collaborative and transparent. Life's struggles can leave many of us at times feeling dis-empowered and disconnected. But I believe that as creators, we all have the tools within us to create more positive experiences for ourselves. My role is to help you explore which tools work for you by supporting, guiding and facilitating the change process which is directed by you. My aim is for clients to feel safe, heard and encouraged through the process of self-exploration.

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