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Trauma, EMDR, racial identity issues


ADHD,Adoption,Anxiety,Codependency,Coping Skills,Depression,Divorce,Domestic Violence,Life Transitions,Parenting,Pregnancy,Prenatal,Postpartum,Racial Identity,Relationship Issues,Sexual Abuse,Stress,Trauma and PTSD,Women's Issues

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Carla Ribeiro

Registered Psychotherapist

We offer counselling and psychotherapy services that meet you where you are. If you are looking for support to face some of your life’s challenges or to live a more satisfying life, we may be able to help. Our work is guided by the following key principles: All human beings possess a natural tendency toward growth and healing and this tendency is strengthened when supported and nurtured. As social beings we develop who we are in relationship with others; it is also in relationship with a warm, caring other that we learn to heal past wounds. Counselling/psychotherapy is a collaborative process in which the client is in the driver’s seat, directing the process according to their own goals and needs Cultural factors (such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) can be just as important as individual ones, in understanding who we are and what we need to grow and heal We are all so much more than the worst thing we have ever done Most of us will at some point in our lives come to a place where we could benefit from working with a counsellor or therapist. If you are at such a place now, we invite you to explore this website to get a sense of whether it might be a good fit for you.

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