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Mindset Coaching, Professional Transition, Personal and Career Development, Emotional Intelligence


Career Guidance,Life Coaching,Life Transitions

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$189 to $485

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Individuals, Groups, Online

Christen N. James

Certified Life Skills Coach

I am a Mindset & Transition Coach for those ready to go through a professional transition - either starting their own Business to finding the Career that excites them. I have a BA in Psychology, a Certification in Solution-Focused Therapy and over a decade of Leadership experience in the corporate space. I chose my path because of the great fulfillment I got from coaching my team on their personal growth and professional development to get them to move up within the organization. What I noticed was that each person confidently applied their newly discovered or developed skills to take on more challenging and fulfilling roles in their careers, while living balanced personal lives. During my own transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship, I started asking myself questions that I felt were important to address on the journey, which led to me paying more attention to, and studying the importance of, truly understanding Mindset. Now I highlight the benefit of finding your OWN sense of balance between personal development and professional growth by understanding how much our experiences, emotions, mental blocks and limiting beliefs can affect our feelings, thoughts and actions as we show up in our professional lives. I support passionate young people who desire Clarity as they plan their future and find their voice, purpose and place in the world, so that they can ultimately land the Career or start the Business that is aligned with their values.

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