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Anxiety,Behavioural Issues,Child or Adolescent,Coping Skills,Depression,Family Conflict,Grief,Life Transitions,Parenting,Peer Relationships,Racial Identity,Relationship Issues,School Issues,Self Esteem,Sleep or Insomnia,Spirituality,Stress,Trauma and PTSD

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Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19),Adults



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Individuals, Couples, Family

Candis Peniston

RSW, Psychotherapist (Q), Spiritual Director

**NEW** Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Centre Bethany Centre is now offering over the phone and video counselling with the use of Microsoft Teams. Centre Bethany Centre is a place that provides spiritual direction and counselling services that will contribute to the physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological well-being of individuals and families. Our fundamental approach is centred around healing in an African cultural context, that is to say, healing is the remedy that is required when something goes wrong with the functioning of the mind, body, psyche, environment and spirit. This malfunction often results in one feeling anxious, abandoned; physically, psychologically and spiritually traumatized; a sense of loss of self. When we speak of healing, we also speak of sickness, which is often seen as negative, evil and ugly because they are connected. Sickness does not only refer to physical pain in the body; it is also inclusive of psychological, emotional and spiritual pain. Additionally, it speaks to an imbalance within human being, within community, and within nature. Having said that, the healing process means being whole, that is, restoring and nurturing relationships with oneself, other human beings and with nature. Bearing this understanding of the healing process, we at Centre Bethany Centre creates safe spaces that allow for individuals or families to speak freely about themselves in a compassionate and non- judgemental environment. We use humour and laughter where appropriate coupled with a combination of eclectic modalities to treating traumas.

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