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Specializes In

Women Couples African/Caribbean


Addiction,Anxiety,Depression,Divorce,Grief,Infidelity,Marital and Premarital,Relationship Issues,Self Esteem,Spirituality,Women's Issues

Age Range

Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19),Adults



Fee Range

75 to 250

Counseling Type

Individuals, Couples, Family, Online

Genevieve Alao

Registered Psychotherapist

Do you want to enjoy freedom from mental health issues like depression, anxiety and/or addiction? Maybe you want to experience healthy relationships or a deep sense of purpose? If you feel down, tired, stuck, lost or overwhelmed and you haven't been able to "get over/through it" then you probably already know that something needs to change. And I get it, this is hard stuff. Asking for help is BIG! Maybe this is new & scary for you...or maybe you think therapy is for 'crazy people'. Maybe you have even tried & given up. But are you willing to try again? If you want to experience real life change, I am prepared to journey with you. I use an integrative approach to therapy, drawing from (but not limited to) family systems, attachment, trauma-informed, solution-focused, acceptance, narrative and cognitive behavioural. If it is too heavy to carry the weight alone anymore and you want to begin your journey back to wholeness, then let's do this - together!   

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