Black Therapist List's Mission

Mental health is often considered taboo in Black communities and there are many barriers to seeking support. Stats show that only 1 in every 3 Black adults who need mental health support actually receive it. Black Therapist List is designed to destigmatize mental health and help normalize therapy in the Black community.

We believe that having a black therapist creates a sense of commonality and builds trust in a way that will create positive therapeutic benefits. We are trying to eliminate some of the challenges to seeking mental health support by making it easy to connect to a black therapist.

All who are listed provide professional counseling services including social workers, psychotherapists, life coaches, psychiatrists and psychologists. Please note that having a listing in this directory is not an endorsement. You are encouraged to do your due diligence when selecting a therapist.

Our mission is to connect you to someone that you feel you can trust, that you can relate to and who understands your unique experiences.
Needing therapy is not a failure
Black People go to Therapy
There are Black Therapists